That’s what my boyfriend cooks for me..these funny meals. But still I miss some things like for example sweet dumplings from my grandma.. mmm..
Today I’ve had a coffee. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is for me!! It was the first coffee in my life. I do not understand why someone likes it. I was just really tired as I went from my first job straight to the other one so I tried this magic drink. It helped but I do not like it at all.
Tohle mi vari muj pritel, takove srandovni jidla, ale stejne se mi styska po nekterych vecech, treba po sladkych knedlicich od moji babicky.
Dnes jsem mela kafe, to sice nezni jako neco extra, ale bylo to prvni kafe v mem zivote. Nechapu, jak to muzou lidi pit… Byla jsem unavena, protoze jsem z prvni prace sla rovnou do druhe, takze jsem to chtela vyzkouset. Blee, neni to sladky.

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