Tallulah's Threads - Flamingo Twin Set

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twin set - Tallulah's Threads, shoes - H&M 

This is me looking (not) very natural and pretending there's nobody taking pictures of me! I love the flamingo set and when I used to dye my hair pink I would always use Directions Flamingo. I miss having colourful hair and this feels too normal and when I look at myself in a mirror it's so boring..sometimes scary haha! That depends on if I had a good night sleep or not. :-)
There's more summery and non-summery clothes at Tallulah's Threads - have a look yourself. It's all made with love in Brighton and they deliver world wide. 

My latest first world problems:

1. Why is it always sunny when I'm at work?
2. Franco Manca don't cut your pizza for you and you have to do it yourself.
3. Where should I go for the next holiday? There's too many options.
4. Sometimes take-away delivery takes more than they promise and that's hard to cope with.
5. My fringe.
6. My boyfriend likes Indian food and I prefer Japanese therefore it is hard to decide what to have for dinner.
7. It is so cold here all the time and I cannot wear any of my summer clothes.
8. I cannot find a perfect rain coat.
9. My phone is too slow.
10. Avocados are getting more expensive.

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