Paris In The Rain

I went to Paris for a long weekend to visit my sister (I have two) who is currently living there. She actually lives just outside the city in a town called Meudon and I enjoyed seeing that as well as seeing Paris maybe even more. The first and last time I went to Paris was in grammar school when I was twelve...which is 12 years ago! You don't need to see any photos of me from back then. Trust me.
(Taken on Paris underground while I had a migraine. All photos taken on a disposable camera as per usual.)

It is true that it was raining almost the whole time but I don't mind the rain. I prefer it over a heat which makes me feel sleepy and gives me a headache. I sound like such a grumpy person but yeah, it is true..that I am grumpy:). I feel like I've seen a lot in just three days but we weren't rushing anywhere and just kind of taking it easy which I really like whenever I am on holiday. I hate rushing around! I wrote a list of things I wanted to see and then saw some of it. I don't want get up at 8am and see every single famous place and run around like a mad person. I am not about that life.
On the first day me and my sister went to Centre Pompidou - which is a massive contemporary and modern gallery/museum. Definitely worth coming and the entry is only a few euros if you are 26 and under! I felt very young in Paris with all them discounts. Anyway, you can find there Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Paul Davis, Francis know what I am talking about. All the big names. 

 At the time I went Josef Koudelka Czech(-French) coincidentally had a big exhibition in there which I loved. There was many old photographs from the time when he was travelling during the seventies and documenting people, his style of travelling and life. Look him up he's almost as good of a photographer as me HAHA - I am only joking. I am the best photographer in the world. I am too famous.

This was at Marché aux Fleurs - Reine Elizabeth II probably the best place I visited in Paris. If you love flowers this is the place to go. So lovely! This historical market first opened in 1808 and it is perfect. <3 

On the map I created you can see Notre-Dame is not very far from the flower market. It is a nice walk. Even in the rain!
More flowers! This is Jardin du Luxemburg - another beautiful spot. I saw there woman wearing a baret. Obviously she was a tourist. Don't get me wrong - I do actually like barets it's just French people don't wear them? They do carry baguettes in tote bags tho. Baguettes are life.
Merci - dream of every Instagrammer ;). Coffee shop combined with design general store.
Couldn't take any in European House of Photograhy (Maison Européenne de la Photographie) photos in  but it is a nice gallery to see if you're into modern 'shocking' story-telling, feminist, open-minded photography...and if you're not then tell me why? Hahah, it is an interesting gallery. Not too far from Canal Sain-Martin.

 Taken in Observatoire de Paris in Meudon.
My sister in Observatoire de Paris in Meudon.  

(Taken with my iPhone) 

Had a lovely traditional crêpe in this restaurant in the heart of the Breton area in Paris where I have been taken by my sister's lovely French colleague for lunch. This is where you go if you're a serious crêpe lover mmm! 

Well I think this is enough haha it only took me over a month to write this! I am exhausted. I am only joking (not joking). Have a nice day or night..depends when you're reading this.

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